4 Tips For Planning And Executing An Effective CSR Strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility has moved past being a mere obligation for most companies. With the increased integration of social media and Internet into our everyday lives, the actions of big multinationals have never been more closely scrutinised.

This gives businesses additional incentive to be as creative and impactful with their CSR strategies as possible. The moral commitment to creating a better future for Earth and its citizens drives companies to come up with CSR strategies that create an actual impact.

Looking for tips to create CSR strategies that not only elevate your social standing, but also alleviate society’s problems? Here are 4 that will enable you to improve your CSR game.

1.A Little Planning Goes A Long Way
Unfortunately, the world today is plagued with a multitude of problems that seem to be growing in both number and seriousness over time. So, before setting out to do some good, you need to take a step back and indulge in extensive planning and research.

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The first step to this end would be identifying a cause or issue that resonates with the core values of your company. For instance, a business specializing in food supply should target the food scarcity faced by some parts of the world.

Once you know which issue you want to focus on, create a comprehensive strategy that puts your available resources to the best possible use. This is also the part where you set a budget for your CSR activities.

2.Work With The Best
After establishing your CSR objectives and plan, find advisers who specialize in the particular field you’re targeting. With their expertise and guidance, you’ll find it easier to implement your plans and strategies on a larger scale. Partner with NGOs and other not-for-profit organisations to take your CSR efforts to the next level.

3.Continued Focus Is Key
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Starting something and dropping it midway due to lack of interest and slow progress isn’t an advisable strategy for obvious reasons. The same applies to your CSR initiatives. Once you invest considerable effort and resources into a particular plan, stick with it and see it through. All you need is a little motivation and perseverance to make a substantial impact in the lives of the people you’re targeting.

4. Create A Synergy Between Work And Philanthropy

While completely different things on their own, the company’s goals and their CSR efforts need to come together to work successfully. Businesses should ideally have a separate department focusing on CSR, but this doesn’t mean that regular employees should be left out of the fun. Make an effort to actively engage your employees and you’ll find that it’s much easier to make the world a better place.

Follow these 4 tips and you’ll be well on your way towards a thriving CSR initiative.



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