Who we are

Vardaan is a consulting company which advises on Business Responsibility, Capacity Building for Non-profits, CSR compliance Advisory, Monitoring & Evaluation of Projects and Fund Raising. Vardaan engages with both the “Givers” and “Doers”. This includes – Corporates, Businesses, Non-Profit Organisations, Social Enterprises, Foundations, Philanthropic entities and others, who want to make the right social impact. Vardaan advises on all aspects of Consulting. This includes the diagnostic process, objectives, policy making, plan implementation, monitoring, assessment and impact measurement.


To pursue & implement Responsibility initiatives business would inevitably cross paths with non-profits and other impact makers.


Realizing that the non-profit sector while doing a great job on the ground and having a positive impact through the projects and initiatives, it lacked many ingredients to enable a long lasting collaboration between it and the business world.


Our cherished idea of Responsibility would be possible only through capacity building initiatives to the not for profit entities enabling sustainability and scale.

Corporate Information

Vardaan Form MGT-7A of FY 22-23

Our Vision

Corporates and Not for Profit organisations are responsible to their stakeholders and create positive impact.

Our Mission

To provide consulting services in Responsibility and Sustainability to ensure growth, longevity & relevance to over a hundred Corporates & Not for Profit organisations by 2030 CE.

Our Values

ORIGINALITY Ideas, solutions, views, thoughts and concepts are path breaking.
UNBIASED APPROACH There would be a professional neutrality in our advice.
RESPECT For all – time, views, people, ideas, thoughts and lives.