What are the different CSR Training programs in India?


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has transformed from an optional initiative of a business into a highly professionally managed business segment, thanks to the mandate set by the Government of India through the Companies Act of 2013. The mandate has driven corporations and large businesses to relook and rethink their CSR initiatives to align with their own business visions and missions. Specific CSR frameworks and teams have been set up to strategise, plan, and execute the company's yearly CSR funding effectively and efficiently to help society's environmental, social, and economical development.


The business-like approach to CSR drives the need for qualified, skilled professionals to handle the project at various levels. There is a demand for a strategic approach to philanthropy, and that demand drives the need for able human capital. Many institutes in India offer specialised CSR training programs and courses to prepare eager and interested novices with essential skills, knowledge and hands-on experience to enter the CSR verticals of many highly coveted companies in India Inc.


Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Corporate Social Responsibility (JNICSR)

CSR education goes beyond learning to manage CSR initiatives but needs to instil the urge for change and be a factor in changing the socio-economic situation. An in-depth understanding of the significance and impact of CSR projects needs to be instilled through quality CSR education. Helping many more hone their knowledge without putting their life on hold is JNICSR.


Courses Offered:


Course Objective:

The courses aim to empower the students to enter the corporate CSR world with mid-level knowledge on effective utilisation of resources to achieve impactful results for sustained and long-term development.


Executive Post-Graduate Diploma in Innovative CSR (EPGDICSR) By TISS

Executive Programme in Innovative CSR will adopt an entrepreneurial approach for the companies' design and implementation of CSR and Sustainable Development initiatives. The programme targets professionals working in corporate, government and non-governmental organisations. Bringing together the interdisciplinary themes in economics, development, social policy, entrepreneurship and business management, the Executive Programme is designed to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on CSR and emerging models in CSR practices across business enterprises.


Course Objective:

The programme will enable the participants to understand better sustainability challenges, drivers and tools and approaches to CSR and sustainable development. Participants will learn the socio-economic barriers and drivers that lead to poverty and hunger, gender inequality, violation of human rights, and environmental issues and see how businesses can progressively deal with such development challenges through innovation and creativity. [Source link]


Programmes Offered:

  1. Executive Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Innovative CSR (EPGDICSR)
  2. Advanced Certificate Programme in Innovative CSR (ACPICSR)
  3. Certificate Programme in Innovative CSR (CPICSR)


Target Audience -

  • Graduates in any discipline with three years of experience in the Corporate, Government or Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Practicing CSR Professionals


Comparative Outlook of Three Programmes -

Indian School of Development Management  (ISDM)

The Post Graduate Program in Development Management (PGP-DM) is ISDM's flagship initiative designed by leading academics and practitioners from both the development and management sectors.


The yearlong program blends ideas of development with concepts of management combines in-class sessions with a two week field component on 'Realizing India', and promotes collaborative group work.


Course Overview:

The Post-Graduate Program in Development Management is the only One-Year Program in Development Management globally that blends ideas of development with management theories, combining in-class sessions with collaborative group work and a field component. The program aims to develop a cadre of Social Sector Professionals who can design interventions, and build, lead and manage organisations for sustainable social impact at scale.

Fees: Tuition Fees 5 Lakhs (Financial Assistance Available)

Course Duration: 1 Year

Location: New-Delhi


Certificate course on Corporate Social Responsibility by ICAI

Intending to provide CSR based unique knowledge, the ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) offer a 4-weeks duration certificate course to Chartered Accountants.


Course Objective:

This online Certificate course on Corporate Social Responsibility intends to equip the participants to understand the rules and regulations pertaining to CSR. The Companies Act, 2013 provides a unique CSR framework not applicable anywhere else globally; hence there are no benchmarks and learnings of a model like this. The objective of legislation needs to be viewed against two key ideas. The Corporations Act as partners in the social development process of the country and strengthen the social responsibility of business.


Certificate Course on CSR by The Institute of Companies Secretaries of India

Course Objective:

This course aims to apprise the mandatory rules, regulations and policy framework. It intends to develop competency in CSR audit and sensitise candidates to a career in NGO, CSR, Society etc. It intends to provide best practices in global CSRs to candidates and provide a structured framework for CSR governance and its implementation. It is a 3-month certificate course offered online.


These courses aim to apprise students on CSR policy, understand the challenges, instruments & drivers for sustainable development through CSR.


Since the mandate by Government is relatively new, the demand for a qualified and skilled workforce dedicated to CSR initiatives will only rise, which will eventually lead to many professional courses by reputed institutes.