HIBU- CSR Hero of the month

A global client with a strong foothold in digital advertising, they have facilitated their cutting-edge digital and print marketing solutions to help small and medium-sized businesses get found by the consumers they want to reach.

Being a socially responsible business house and falling under the ambit of Corporate Social Responsibility as per the Companies Act, 2013, HIBU had decided to utilize their resources constructively. To make sure that we aligned their focus areas with the right implementing partner,Vardaan managed the assignment aligning the activities as per the company’s vision.

The first year, HIBU chose Nutrition as their focus area. They were instrumental in bringing technology for advanced kitchens in Bangalore & Hyderabad. The mechanization of cooking process helped in minimizing cooking time and also in meeting highest standards of hygiene. The collaboration between the NPO and the company created a great impact.

In the words of the beneficiaries-

“Our team has quantified the savings from these investments and represented them in terms of the additional meals that we can serve.

It seems like these investments can help us serve 1.70 lacs meals a year which translates to helping 750 kids get a mid-day meal throughout the school calendar year without having to raise donations!!! And this will accrue every year till the end of life of these equipments which is generally about 5 years (in depreciation terms).

Apart from this, there is also an important unquantifiable saving of 40% water reduction; the reason we cannot quantify it is because we get the water from Mother Earth; however, in some locations, we pay for water which costs us about 6 ps per litre.”

The engagement was well received which resulted in Hibu India Private Limited continuing its partnership with Vardaan for the second year as well.

This time they chose Education, Disability & Livelihood and Healthcare as their focus areas and worked with four non-profits which had been vetted by Vardaan.

Education:Chose to support a residential school exclusively for children born into India’s lowest social and economic class. The project offers free, high-quality education at its residential school and subsequently at top-tier colleges.Each child is provided with quality educational, medical, dental and residential care

Disability & Livelihood: Supported a Vocational Training Center cum Sheltered Workshop in Bangalore providing training and employment to differently abled individuals.

Healthcare: Supported a foundation whose primary focus is to help the needy by providing them with quality healthcare. They conduct highly complex surgeries for the needy patients for free/subsidized cost.

Vardaan will continue to monitor& evaluatethe performance of the projects on the ground. This exercise is carried forth by Vardaan to ensure the smooth functioning of the projects and showcase a greater impact that helps to elevate the projects.

The impact of HIBU’s support is already evident a few months after the funds were disbursed and will continue for the rest of the year as well.

HIBU- Truly the CSR hero!