Laughter, Learning and Sharing: Sandvine Volunteers Visit Shanti Bhavan Children

When volunteers from Sandvine Technologies, Bengaluru, wanted to carry out a CSR initiative that would touch lives deeply, Vardaan planned for an activity-filled day with the children at Shanti Bhavan. It turned out to be a day full of laughter, learning and sharing for both the children and the volunteers.



Upma, Chai & Campus Tour


The day began with the 11th graders meeting and getting to know Sandvine volunteers over a breakfast of vermicelli upma and chai. After the breakfast concluded, the 11th grade class took each volunteer on a guided tour of the Shanti Bhavan campus. The tour covered the classrooms, sports arenas, children’s dormitories, and the variety of wildlife on the campus.


Learning the Way of Life @ Shanti Bhavan


After the school tour, the Sandvine volunteers joined the entire school for assembly, which consisted of singing the official Shanti Bhavan school song, a virtue reading on compassion, the daily news presentation, and two songs by the Shanti Bhavan school choir.


Activities and Debates, Galore!


The volunteers then split into groups and picked different grades for their classroom workshops. Beginning with Kindergarten through 4th grade, the Sandvine volunteers conducted anorigami workshop, while the 6th through 9th graderslearnt about the steps of product development, right from the initial idea to finished product. The 10th - 12th grade students participated in a group discussion at the library, lead by two Sandvine volunteers. The discussion was so engaging the students and volunteers continued debating until almost past lunch time! One of the topics discussed was whether the government should have a role in monitoring the media.


What’s an eventful day without some football?


As the workshops were going on, the 11th and 12th grade Shanti Bhavan boys played a difficult match against a fierce team of Sandvine volunteers. The Shanti Bhavan boys ended up pulling through with a win, 6-3, despite the strength of their competitors!


Lunch and goodbyes!


Everyone gathered for lunch in the dining hall to complete a wonderful morning of activities, and fun! Shanti Bhavan served a delicious lunch of puri, cashew rice, raita, daal, and kesari bath. Before departing, the Sandvine volunteers made a generous donation to Shanti Bhavan, which included books for the school library, clothing and games. The Shanti Bhavan students bade farewell to the volunteers, eagerly awaiting their next visit!